Are Electric Cars Safer than Traditional Cars?

Are Electric Cars Safer than Traditional Cars?

How safe is electric vehicles? We know they are better for the environment and for our pockets, less gas, all of which is great, how safe are they to operate? There is a measure of risk associated with lithium ion batteries and these risks have lately being highlighted by those who tend to discredit the advances of this industry. There is just as much if not more risk associated with conventional cars and these facts can be easily substantiated. Just as the obvious risks of fuel engines are today well managed, so that are barely recognized as risk anymore, in the same way can the fewer risks relating to electric cars be managed to the point where they fade into oblivion.

Gas tanks is essentially time bombs

How many movies have we seen on the silver screen and on TV, where a gas tank explodes annihilating all occupants? Certainly this fortunately a possibility that does not represent itself on a daily basis, but it is undeniable that the potential is certainly there and should the gas tank explode the vehicle as well as human lives are in jeopardy. In contrast the lithium battery burns small amounts of electrolytes, so that an all out fire is eliminated, any such should be easily containable and is unlikely to seriously damage the vehicle or threaten lives. Any motorist with elementary firefighting equipment could easily put such a fire down with minimal damage.See more information on electric car guide at

Recharging compared to pumping gas

This comparison is so obvious; few motorists have a problem to figure it out, and to identify multiple scenarios that make pumping gas a severely dangerous operation. It you have done this chore safely for twenty years; you are an extremely fortunate individual, that have ample reason for gratitude, because many others were not so fortunate. Wherever gas is pumped, there is always risk, period. It is by comparison a lot saver to plug in a charger, step clear and then switch on the power, there certainly won’t be any nasty explosions in your garage, unless you operate a gas station out of your garage, which is absolutely not advisable.Click here to read more about pumping gas dangers

Are Electric Cars Safer than Traditional Cars?

Infuriating mechanical break downs

There is nothing more frustrating than a vehicle that breaks down, more so if the break down is in a remote area. This problem is more likely to occur with a fuel burning car since has scores of moving parts that an electric car does not need in order to operate. It comes down to simple mathematics, fewer wearing parts equals fewer breakdowns, which equals far lower maintenance.

Overheating issues

How many drivers have been grievously burned by opening an overheated radiator? It is not a nice experience to open a radiator cap and to come face to face with Mt Vesuvius. It’s equally difficult and humiliating to dodge that scalding hot water jet. No such volcanic activity in a well behaved electric car, no risk of unpleasant and unexpected overheated showers in public that makes you the laughingstock of your community for weeks.

Regard for the environment

The deciding factor when buying an electric vehicle is often environmental concerns, a diminished carbon footprint, less greenhouse gasses and no harmful co2 emissions.If you are such a person who want to help the environment here are some useful tips to follow

Lower Pollution

Granted there is an amount of pollution related to power plants that supply the power to recharge batteries, but regulating that pollution is much simpler when pollution is centralized instead of trying to keep track of all the gasoline powered cars in the country, which is ultimately an impossible endeavor.

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