Future Cars: Silent Running and Hello Kitty Friendly?


Electric cars are actually very popular today.  In fact, millions of people use electric and eco friendly cars each and every day and it can be a great thing when it comes to protecting the Earth.  However, there is still a lot of fuel and gas guzzling cars out there that really don’t do anything good for the environment but will that ever change?  Future cars?  What will they offer?

Advances in Technology

It is really easy to see how cgases are affecting the world and how bad they are.  With more and more people protesting about climate change, it has led world leaders as well as the biggest car manufacturers to reconsider the way they think when building cars.  Eco-friendly cars are going to be the way forward despite a lot of people being unsure of what they can bring.  However, with the latest advanced in technology, it has brought about electric cars and even solar cars and in the future, there will be many more advances too which can change everything entirely.

No Descent Sound

For many drivers, they love to hear the roar of their engine but usually that isn’t a good thing.  Why – because most eco-friendly cars don’t have big sounding engines.  There are many drivers out there who really don’t think about going green or even think about eco-friendly cars.  Electric cars are strange especially the way they look and sound but they can be good things.  These cars are going to be there in the future and they will improve and they will be able to offer the world something more and potentially important.

Powering Ahead For Good

The environment is in a bad state and for many they are now realizing that is the case.  However, it has led to a lot of research and development into newer eco-friendly cars.  There is a lot of research into solar powered cars as well as alternative fuel researches which may be less harmful to the environment too.  It will continue to change and power ahead almost until the right and eco-friendly option is found.


Let’s be honest, the cars of the future are going to be very different from the ones of today.  Right now, there are electric powered cars but in ten, twenty or even thirty years’ time, those cars aren’t going to be so eco-friendly.  It will be all about getting value for every mile as well as going all green and even though diesel powered engines are big; they might not be around forever.  Oil and fuel isn’t always going to be there and many more car manufacturers are choosing to go green now and will do so in the future too if only for the environment.

Change Is On the Way

It’s so easy to see that there is a big shift in the car world and that future cars are not going to be big gas guzzlers.  Right now, there may be a huge number of these cars out there but with all of the advancement and technology available now and in the future, it will be much safer and less harmful.  It’s true, there is so much potential and ability to make cars safer and quieter when they are on the roads as well as better to reduce greenhouse gases.

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