Top 10 Plugin Electric Car Makers

Top 10 Plugin Electric Car Makers

The electric car market is going to grow. It will soon be our primary means of transport, unless all the talk of a greenhouse planet and our carbon footprint has been in vain. It is amazing that the threat of environmental damage has been recognized by congress in 1966 and it’s a disgrace that it has taken us nearly fifty years to do something about it. The electrical car market should have been well established by now; it will probably go into the records as one of the major neglects of this generation. It has been said that no one is as deaf as he that does not want to hear, the fact is, there has been thousands of environmental preachers, but very few listeners and still fewer doers. I. certainly hope our children will be able to forgive us for the terrible crimes we have committed against this planet, which is to be their inheritance. It was said by a wise man that; a good father leaves an inheritance for his grand children. It seems this generation is failing their own children, never mind their grand children.

Top 10 Plugin Electric Car Makers

Electric cars to the rescue

It will certainly be over optimistic and unrealistic to presume that electric cars will solve all our environmental problems. But it will alleviate those problems significantly; in fact a third of our carbon footprint will be eliminated, should we completely switch over to electric vehicles. There are numerous manufacturers that are developing electric cars. What manufacturers are leading the electric car market?

The Pike Research

This organization is focused on the electric car market and all the developments and advances in that market. The pioneers in this market were Tesla, Nissan and GM. Pike Research has a develop a probing strategy that measures how far electric car manufacturers has progress in producing viable, decent performing and affordable electric cars that would excellent substitutes for conventional cars. As such Pike has developed a 12 criteria system, which looks at vital indicators that would distinguish the real market leaders from the more mediocre companies in terms of product strategy, market strategy, vision and partnering programs. Another considerations are once a model is in program, how effectively could it is distributed, the company’s market share, are they set to be competitors well into the future, reliability, sales, marketing, performance of the product and product quality.

According to these indicators manufacturers get scores that can calculate give a clear indication of how far these manufacturers have come and what their prospects are in competing effectively in this fairly new market.

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The leading manufacturers

According to the Pike system GM Chevrolet is the top cat in this alley, mainly because of scoring well on strategy and execution. Not far behind is Nissan, Toyota and Renault, who all lost points because they lack enough products or because of product prices. Ford is next in line, the report gives it good points for strategy, but too many products that are unproven or haven’t launched yet. So this electric vehicle list should give many buyers a clear perspective of what is happening in this market.

The Pike list

  1. GM Chevrolet
  2. Renault
  3. Ford Motor Company
  4. Nissan
  5. Toyota
  6. Tesla
  7. BMW
  8. Smart
  9. Mitsubishi
  10. Honda

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