Why Aren’t More People Buying Green Cars?


2014 diesel cars are certainly becoming very popular today.  There are going to be lots of high powered diesel cars hitting the roads even though there are electric vehicles available.  However, there are many who aren’t too sure why their environmentally friendly or green cars aren’t as popular as some of the hybrids or standard cars.  So, why aren’t more people buying green cars?

How Readily Available Are Electric Cars?

A lot of people don’t buy electric cars for the simple fact that they might not be available.  It’s true; there are still a lot of car dealers out there that don’t have every model of hybrid or green car available to them.  What is more, if consumers are buying cars online as more are, they aren’t necessarily able to find the cars that are environmentally friendly.  If the cars aren’t available then it means more time and effort to find these which is a big inconvenience.

The Low Emissions Are Important

Emissions can be really important especially since you don’t want to be adding more harmful toxins into the air than you need to.  However, in many cars, these vary and for those who want to impact the earth less, they look at the emissions.  Sometimes however, the standard cars offer lower emissions and that is what people want, they don’t want high emissions when they are looking at electric cars.

Too Many Cars, So Little Time to Choose

Most people choose a car that they like rather than how friendly it is to the environment.  This is happening more and more today especially since people don’t want to purchase a car that is cheap but they don’t like.  In fact, more people today are choosing to go for 2014 diesel cars rather than electric or a hybrid because they don’t like what is on offer to them.  No one wants to drive a car they aren’t happy with which is one of the biggest reasons why many aren’t choosing green cars.

Price Makes All the Difference

To be honest, one of the main reasons why more and more people today aren’t buying green cars is simply due to the price.  If the price isn’t right then no one will buy them especially since a lot of people don’t have the funds to spend.  Average everyday people don’t have outrageous amounts to spend on a new or even a used environmentally friendly car especially if the gas model works out cheaper.  If the prices are cheap then maybe people will go green but it can all depend on the cost.

Winning the Race

At the end of the day, the only person who will win the race is the car that offers the most.  Of course, environmentally friendly cars would be amazing to run but if people don’t have the cash to spend on them or they aren’t appealing, then the usual gas guzzling cars will be what people want.  It all depends on the individual man and what they have and what they want.  Sometimes, the green cars will win and other times they won’t.

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