10 Electric Vehicles Coming To Market In 2014

There is so much talk about clean energy and how good, desirable, and beneficial it is for us and the planet. On the other hand, what exactly is clean energy? The fact is clean energy is a rather vague term since it does not seem to be something that is standardized or explicitly defined. The only reason the term clean energy is so popular is that it suggests to politicians and the public, that these sources are safer for the environment, it is a simpler and perhaps more popular term than renewable energy.

Clean is popular since it is more desirable than something dirty, although some of the things that tend to qualify as clean are not really safer or renewable. In truth, renewable energy is better and safer and poses a much lower threat to the environment. So truly clean and renewable energy would be, solar and wind energy, these sources are completely natural and renewable and pose the least harm to the environment.

Driving an environmentally safe car

There seems to be a conception that electric cars are expensive. When the subjects are properly researched, this belief is quickly proven false. The truth is that Electric cars are actually cheaper than their counterparts. The average price for an entry-level Electric car in the US is between twelve thousand and twenty-eight thousand.

The average price for a fuel engine car is thirty-two thousand which is significantly costlier. That is one more reason to seriously consider an Electric vehicle. There seems to be a preference in the US for hybrid cars rather than Electric ones. Almost a half million hybrid cars were sold in the US in 2013. There are approximately a hundred and seventy Electric vehicles on American roads. You can get more information on a lineup of electric cars that are coming to the market in 2014 at http://www.practicalenvironmentalist.com/automobiles/2014-electric-cars-usa-lineup.htm

What are available electrically?

A bunch of manufacturers have come to the front with some very exciting and technologically advanced designs. From BMW and Cadillac right down to the Smart car manufacturer have all made their contribution to present the US population with quite a few showstoppers that would not harm your reputation at the next family get-together. This collection of cars is quite formidable and impressive and would meet most of your transport needs, comfortably. The Nissan brand has produced their Leaf model a very impressive car that is well designed with enough oomph under the hood, to surprise many motorists. Nissan has also produced a panel van, the e-NV200.

What benefits does an electric vehicle offer?

The obvious benefit is you no longer have to feel guilty about co2 emissions since an electric car by itself does not emit co2. No more noisy engines since few things are as quiet as an electric car. Don’t ever underestimate electric cars; they have a very impressive acceleration speed, with remarkable torque. The BMW I3 goes from 0-60 MPH in seven seconds. On a full charge, it runs eighty miles and more in one go. The Tesla car reaches 60 MPH in 4.4 seconds. There is absolutely no need to wait in a long queues at gas stations. The bottom line is Electric vehicles is competitive, economic, environmentally friendly, and cheaper than fuel models.