7 Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Touring Caravan

If you’ve just come back from a trip or are looking to embark on one, it’s important to treat your Touring Caravan with some gentle attention.

A clean and well-maintained caravan will be safer and more comfortable to tow and can reduce your fuel costs and lower the chance of sudden breakdowns or issues.

Here are our seven essential tips to keep your caravan in good condition and ready for travel.

1. Save Petrol and Stay Safe

The maintenance of your tires to the right pressure will decrease the amount of fuel you consume and enhance the performance of your touring Caravan.

If you’re unsure of the correct pressure for your tires, you can refer to the manual for your caravan or consult the local dealer.

2. You can spend 20p on your tires

Being sure to have sufficient tread left on the tires can be very crucial. A tread that is not enough could be unsafe and even illegal while driving.

To test your tread you need to take a piece of 20p and place it in your tire’s tread. should you be able to see the outer circle (or borders) that is on top of it, your tread is worn out and your tire should be replaced. Be sure to examine your spare tire, if you already have one.

3. Lighting your Way

It’s simple, but it’s astonishing how many people do not check the lights on their caravan regularly. It’s only a matter of about two minutes, and it gives you security knowing that those who drive behind you are conscious of the activities you’re taking.

4. Hot Stuff

Modern caravans are equipped with several gases and electric appliances. Prior to and after your travels, it is advisable to check that all appliances are working and that the batteries are fully charged and your gas bottles are filled.

Also, make sure that your appliances are off when the caravan isn’t operating or when you are traveling.

When using any electric or gas appliance, it’s a good idea to perform safety checks by a trained professional regularly.

5. Be Pure

After you have returned from your journeys, it’s a good idea to flush your waste and water systems to get rid of any remaining water and impurities. Many caravanners prefer to use a chemical treatment to cleanse and clean their water systems when doing this.

6. Listen for the Noise

If you begin to hear an ear-splitting or grating sound as you accelerate or slow down, or reverse, it could be that your break or the reversing mechanism needs to be repaired. Click here to read about Do You Really Need Emergency Roadside Assistance?

If this is the situation then you need to contact the local garage, as this kind of work should be done by a professional mechanic.

It is also applicable to any other mechanical issues you might face. If you are unsure, you should consult a professional.

7. Guard your Caravan as well as your Pocket

Verify that your caravan is protected with sufficient Caravan Insurance. Without it, you could be financially disadvantaged should you suffer an accident.

If you don’t own insurance for your caravan you can look for the best price since some insurance companies like Simple Caravan Insurance offer New for Old protection, accidental Damage protection, and discounts for those who use security devices for their caravans.

These top tips were presented to you from Simple Caravan Insurance. With over 70,000 clients and more than 70,000 customers, Simple is one of the most reputable leisure insurance providers across the UK.