Why states are imposing fees on electric and alternative vehicles

It is an amazing thing considering all the state-sponsored advocates of green policies, that when Public Joe does his share by buying an electric vehicle, the government bites him in the backside by taxing him for using that green vehicle. I mean, isn’t that a double standard? The planet is in a mess, we hear it every time we breathe, but when we do our part and do something about it, our well-intended initiative is knocked down. So then, what are governments’ stances on this issue, are they encouraging green habits or not? It’s strange that they encourage homeowners to switch to green energy and even give such owners tax relief for doing so, but when it comes to green vehicles, suddenly, there is an about turn. What’s going on? Is it the old issue of oil sales? Are oil companies losing money and now they are pressurizing the government about it? What about green planets or is everything fine, as long as the oil companies and the government’s tax income on fuel are not undershot?

Where does the government stand on this vital issue?

Are they taking a firm stand against climate change and the evils of co2 emissions, or are they divided on where their priorities lie? Why reward a homeowner for going green with the one hand and with the other hand take from an equally concerned green car owner? What is going on? Could the President just level with us? Should concerned citizen do their part for the environment and buy green cars or convert their cars or should we just forget the whole thing? We all understand that a hybrid and an electrical vehicle causes probably as much wear and tear on the nation’s roads as petrol vehicles do and that cost can’t be recovered through fuel sales, since these vehicles use almost no fuel. But isn’t it unfair to encourage people to go green and then add these restrictions afterward, to me it shows a lack of planning and foresight on the part of the government?

The other side of the coin

Suppose, just suppose that all cars on the national roads within five years are only electric vehicles and all government income by way of fuel taxes falls away, where is the money going to come from to fix the roads? What does it help to own a fantastic green car if there is no road to drive that car on? So maybe the government is right after all. It is better to show their intent now before there are millions of green cars on the roads and none of them contribute to the upkeep of the nation’s world-class roads. That certainly won’t be wise or desirable.

Do you need green cars, yes or no?

Absolutely, there is no doubt that the switch should have been made twenty years ago. We definitely waited too long. And face it folks extra tax or not fuel consuming cars can’t be part of our future. We have to make the change that much is crystal clear. Let’s make an investment in our children’s future. Lets us give this planet to them in a condition that would at least give them a chance to see their grandchildren. Beyond that, it’s out of our hands.